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About Us

Strengthen marriage and family relationships, give kids colorful childhood
(Accompany children, connect relationships among family members)


It has been a long time; education systems in Taiwan are focused in teaching and learning cognitive skills. Moreover, people have to work long hours and leave few or no attachment between parents and children. Many children grow up with vacant spirit. They are not happy, don’t like themselves, and have no eager to learn anything. Once short of a proper training and guidance, physical and mental issues are easily to occur.

Our History

In 1999, RFLEA is funded by Mr. Jing-long Chen. He decided to serve children in life education. He trains staff and volunteers to achieve the association’s mission. These volunteers are called Rainbow Moms. Rainbow moms are mothers well trained in life education asking nothing in return. They travel to elementary schools and tell stories to children. The stories will bring joy and fulfillment.

In 2004, RFLEA officially published the first series of life education books which was used in elementary schools as well. Accumulated to 2018, RFLEA has reached approximately 2,000,000 children, and guiding them to think optimistically and love life.*



The mission of RFLEA is to reach and touch and has given children a better faith in life, hope and further touch the public.

We focused in:
.Actuate life education to children
.Strengthen family relationships
.Spread high quality faith of life


Four Main Concepts



Assist children to recognize their values and strengths; and cultivate their abilities of self-acceptance, and confidence.



Lead children acceptance among cultures. RFLEA shares life values and teaches the importance of respect to others - to see love as they are loved.



Children read the beauty of nature. Experience the mystery of all living things. Learn the ideals of kindness ensuring a friendly ambiance.


People and life

RFLEA guides children to respect, and learn to appreciate the concept of whole life values. Children are taught how to react to life challenges, furthermore, direct preparation when it’s time to face sudden departure of loved ones.


Major Impact Courses

Rainbow life education gives children and families a new vision to brave challenges, enjoy new tasks, gain confidence and accept changes in the journey through life. Our 4 main courses focus on a variety of themes based on theories of learning and values in life experience.

Core Concepts

Life is like a tree. Root is the faith and value set; fertile soil which provides sufficient nutrition is like life education. Sufficient nutrition nourishes the tree to root deep and grow tall. The tree brings forth fruits which are morals. Therefore, life is the tree and morals are the fruits. Good tree brings forth good fruits.

Our chairman Professor, Nei-Yuh Huang her motto is “Reach and Touch.” Life education does not just teach and coach it brings more than a method to see the ideals of family transformation.

Interactive Learning

Children learn to cultivate self-awareness and practical power. Observation, interpretation and application are designed to explore daily non-cognitive skills.

Think and learn

Our goal is to empower and explore collectively the arts in picture books to see the loving concept of family values. This is a transformation process to reach and touch the heart of children. This is to help parents, counselors and educators to experience how children think and react in the family.

Innovative Art

Search reach and touch children’s artful zest for living. The courses are composed of variety of innovative themes: storytelling, drama, art and creating music, plays, dance, and games.

Care and accompany

We encourage everyone who participates to be optimistic and seeing it through a positive collaborative end result.


How far we have gone

The association in Taiwan has trained over 30,000 volunteers. Our volunteers are taught life education courses to impact children self-worth and enhance adult awareness in the hearts of children.

.Taught over 28% elementary schools
.Served over 700 schools
.Entered over 5,600 class rooms

Every week we have 6,000 volunteers in classrooms teaching life education courses impacting thousands of well-learned children. The outsourcing of our life education program has reached and touched approximately 2 million children at the end of 2018.


Contact Information

Headquarter Office

.Phone: 886-2-2908-0280
.Address: 7th Floor, No. 708, Zhongzheng Road, Xinzhuang District, Xinbei City, Taiwan